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Smart LED Safety Signs

M-Techs offers a range of fixed and portable signs and signals to provide effective solutions for most traffic control problems on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond. Our Smart Safety Signs are ideal for use in problematic traffic areas, school zones, flood-prone areas, change or traffic areas, and roads prone to high-speed collisions, and they have proved effective in decreasing speed by as much as 8%.

Our signs use the latest LED and radar technology to emit symbols and legends, displayed intelligently through state-of-the-art sensors, the latest digital radio technology and triggers.

We have a history of producing innovative designs and state-of-the-art systems that continue to set new industry standards. We are dedicated to bringing the future’s technology to today’s roads.

safety sign flood warning

Flood Warning System

M-Techs have advanced warning signs that show the depth of the water so drivers may choose to divert before reaching the flooded area.

A remote detection system measures the depth which is then sent to signage on all of the approach roads showing the depth of the flood in inches and m.

The driver can then make a decision based on real time information.

The depth of water can be monitored at multiple sites via our website, giving you up to date information. We can also set parameters to send you an alarm at your predetermined thresholds.

Intelligent Detector Display Signs

What makes our Smart Safety Signs different from ordinary LED safety lights is their intelligent display. Various detectors can trigger the sign’s displays, including optical sensors to determine a vehicle’s height, radars to detect speeding vehicles, and time settings for when children arrive and leave school.

Whether you’re after vehicle activated signs, school safety zone signs, speed indicator devices, floor warning signs, externally triggered signs, portable signs, or specialist signs and systems, M-Techs can deliver bespoke Smart Safety Signs to meet your specific traffic control needs.

safety sign slow down
safety sign children crossing

Smart Safety Sign Range

Our range of Smart Safety Signs include:

  • Intelligent signs
  • Variable message signs
  • Bespoke signs
  • Collision avoidance system
  • Loop activated signs
  • Over-height display
  • Portable speed signs
  • Speed Signs
  • Speed Indicator Device (SID)
  • School systems
  • Warning signs
  • Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)
  • Variable message signs

Contact M-Techs today to see how our Smart Safety Signs can help combat your traffic control problems.

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